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We have a huge focus on being one of the best eco-hotels in California. At Hotel Cerro we use energy efficiency as our backbone to create a truly sustainable home away from home.

Travel typically uses a lot of energy, but we believe it’s possible to balance the need to explore with a lighter, greener footprint.

Our founders wanted the Hotel Cerro to embody sustainability. So, even in the design process, they used the historic storefronts and as much of the original building as was feasible in order to preserve the historic integrity of the area and reduce the number of new building materials required.

Our hotel was designed toward LEED Silver and meets California Title 24 energy efficiency standards. The windows are carefully sealed and have a low U-factor; the lighting is all LED and includes occupancy sensors, and the HVAC system has zone controls and automated thermostat setbacks. To reduce the load on the HVAC, the building was designed with tile floors over a concrete subfloor to help regulate temperature passively. We also made sure our water use is well below a typical hotel of the same size by using low-flow toilets and faucets, helping make us one of the key eco-resorts in California

Guests can take advantage of our five complimentary, 40-amp electric vehicle charging stations. In addition to the hotel’s expansive in-room amenities, every room boasts Hotel Cerro’s own line of natural botanical skin and hair care products made with blends of fragrant essential oils. Eschewing single-use plastic, the hotel provides all products in refillable containers.

Understanding that energy is also used transporting the food used in our restaurant, we’ve not only incorporated lots of locally produced, organic foods on our Brasserie SLO menu but also made our Edible Garden an important centerpiece – helping us further submit ourselves as one of the best green hotels in California.

We use natural ingredients in our skin and hair care products in both the guest rooms and in our spa.

San Luis Obispo is also the first destination in the U.S. to launch an urban reforestation sustainability initiative that’s funded by local hotels. Through the program, 1% of the annual revenue raised by the Tourism Board funds a partnership with the local non-profit EcoSLO to plant trees throughout the community through urban reforestation. “Keys for Trees” specifically puts sustainability front and center by giving travelers a unique opportunity to offset the environmental impact of their visit and subsequently help them make more sustainable travel choices when they choose to stay in SLO.

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